Our Osteopaths

Meet the team at Tyneside Osteopathy

Mr Andrew J Tonks  B.Ost

Andrew’s first introduction to the world of osteopathy came as a patient. When an acute knee injury in his teenage years left him seeking urgent treatment, he was surprised and impressed by the speed at which he recovered. This experience, combined with Andrew’s scientific mindset and a deep desire to work with people and help them improve their quality of life, inspired him to pursue a career in osteopathy.

Having provided osteopathic treatment in a range of different settings, from multidisciplinary clinics and GP practices to sporting events and within the workplace, Andrew is experienced at treating a wide variety of musculo-skeletal conditions. He has a particular interest in helping people to overcome long-term or recurrent complaints and he enjoys working with patients in order to get to the bottom of why their symptoms may have developed.

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC Reg. No. 7326), you can be assured that Andrew will: treat you with dignity and respect, involve you in decisions about your care, respond promptly to any concerns you may have and always respect and protect your private information. He will make your care his priority.

Mrs Nicola M Tonks  B.Ost

A keen netball player and coach, Nicola has experienced her fair share of sports injuries over the years. In seeking treatment for one such injury, Nicola came across osteopathy and instantly found it to be a natural fit. Having always been fascinated by the human body and wanting to be part of a caring profession which helps people in a very practical ‘hands on’ way, osteopathy was the obvious career choice for Nicola.

Andrew and Nicola met as undergraduates whilst they were both completing their training to become osteopaths. They married in 2015 and live in Monkseaton with their pet cocker spaniel Ted. In 2018, the pair achieved their long held ambition of opening a practice together, creating a welcoming and calming space where people can come to improve their physical health.

At Tyneside Osteopathy, Nicola and Andrew aim to combine their individual skill sets in order to provide you with the best possible care. With a combined 20+ years of clinical experience in private practice, you may find that if you suffer from a particularly complex or stubborn complaint, Andrew and Nicola will advise an integrated approach to your treatment. In this situation, the two osteopaths would sit down together and discuss your case in detail, drawing up a joint plan of action in order to help you get the most benefit, as quickly as possible. If Nicola or Andrew feel that this approach would be of benefit to you, they will discuss this with you at your appointment.