Are there any side effects to treatment?

As your osteopath is attempting to create a physical change to the body, some people find that they experience a minor, temporary reaction following their treatment. This varies from person to person and is usually due to the body’s natural inflammatory response to change. The most commonly reported side effects following treatment are ‘tiredness’ and ‘a slight soreness in the treated area’ (at a similar level to what might be expected after a workout). These effects usually settle on their own over 24-48 hours and are often considered a positive part of the healing process. You may find it helpful to use a cold compress onto any sore areas. It is also generally advised not to perform too much exercise or strenuous activity during this period. If your osteopath suspects that it is possible your treatment could result in side effects other than these, or that you may be more susceptible to adverse reactions than average, they will discuss this with you and, as always, will not perform any treatment without your consent. You should be sure to contact your osteopath if any reactions to treatment do not settle as expected, or if you have any concerns at all about your response to treatment.

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